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Oracle-Israel and John Bryce College are proud to present, after 26 years of this activity, the biggest and main professional event in Israel. Like any year, thousands of IT and Hi-tech professionals will be there!

All new challenges and the emerging solutions, latest trends and up-to-date architectures are covered in this year Oracle Week conference. Wide range of seminars addresses all types of job holders in the Hi-tech industry offered in the desired resolution and contexts. The conference exposes participants to most new topics in their area of expertise and interest. As in every year, the huge amount of seminars is categorized into tracks. But this year – each track contains subject list which allows you to perform more accurate search to find your favorite seminars.

This is your chance to get updated and maximize your experience by using Oracle’s technologies, meet the best experts in the technology & business community in Israel and enjoy a unique Networking platform with real social and businesslike value.

The vision and main message of the conference is:

Engine of Innovation

Oracle week is designed for the IT and High-Tech community and specifically for decision makers, VP development, development project managers, CTO, software engineers, information scientists, developers, software architects, system analysts, DevOps, QA and automation engineers, Cyber experts and anyone involved in the development process.

Oracle week provides the participants enhanced learning experience by “touching technology”. The seminars contains hands-on labs in addition to the theoretical knowledge. The seminars are trained in a classroom with working stations and with the relevant environments installed. These seminars helps participants to better understand the new technologies and also to evaluate its relevance to their daily jobs.






Learning Tracks



Learning Tracks

Don’t Miss a Topic on the Conference

Learning Track managers

Listen, Learn, Get inspired.

Yaniv Cohen

Founder and CTO at DevopShift

Liat Sabag

Principal Sales Consultant – Data Management & Cloud Solutions at Oracle

Avishay Saban

Cloud Solution Architect at Oracle

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Where to find us


Oracle Week 2019 conference takes place at The Daniel Hotel, Herzliya Tamares Hotels. After Event Workshops will be held at ECO Tower John Bryce, Tel-Aviv, Homa Umigdal 29.

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