Advanced Angular using ReactiveX and Redux

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In this session we will focus on reactive programming in angular (RxJS 6) and the more advanced redux pattern (NgRx v9.2), we will also improve the look and feel of our app using advanced CSS3 techniques and Material Design (Angular Material 9.2.4)

Reactive programming focuses around data streams and change propagation in the applications using Observables, Observers, subjects and operators. RxJS brings Reactive programming to the Typescript language. Most importantly, it is in the core of Angular and we will dive deep into the core of RxJs and see how to create purely reactive applications and simplify our code substantially while improving performance and maintainability.

NgRx takes reactive programming even further while focusing on state management. It allows to store and manage your application data while exposing it to the components as observable data streams while keeping data changes predictable and traceable. It also provides advanced debugging tools including time travel.

As a bonus, Since we want our apps to be beautiful, we will also touch a few styling related issues that no app can be without, such as advanced CSS3 layouts (Grid and FlexBox), CSS3 variables, a little bit of SCSS, all under the inspiration of material design. If time permits, we will also incorporate Angular Material into our project.

So, if you liked what you discovered in the basic angular and Typescript Session, and want more, get ready to expand your knowledge and get familiar with the exciting new angular technologies.

Who Should Attend

Programmers who have learned the basic Angular course and would like to take it to the next level


Familiarity and Basic experience with Angular and Typescript

Course Contents

  • The Observable object and pattern and the concept of data stream
  • Building stateful services using Behavior Subjects
  • Building Asynchronous components using observables
  • Deep dive into observable operators using RxJS 6 syntax
  • Introduction to redux in angular applications using NgRX/Store
  • Using the redux dev-tools to improve productivity
  • Bonus: Using CSS3 Grid and FlexBox to create responsive layout
  • Bonus: Using CSS3 variables to create reusable styles and customizable components
  • If time permits: Maintainable CSS using SCSS
  • If time permits: How to create stunningly beautiful UI with Angular Material