DevOps and Agile – Helping Managers to do it right!

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Daily seminar
Live Digital Sessions


While Agile focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small, rapid releases, DevOps is all about bringing development and operations teams together.

At the end, both methodologies target a faster delivery to the market and higher quality while reducing risks.

When applied together, the organization can reach full optimization rather than local improvements. Co-existing they merge into a Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Using Agile and DevOps together is the best approach to change the entire organization and be ready for the digital future ahead of us.

In this one day training we will cover both methodologies and all the different areas to address (Architecture, Engineering practices, Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment)

We will discuss what are the best metrics and how to measure them, how to identify the bottleneck and how to calculate the ROI to decide on the best course of action.

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational decision makers
  • Methodology and processes leaders
  • VP, Directors and Managers for Program, Development, Architecture, DevOps

Course Contents

Agile the right way
  • “I am not Google, my customer don’t want new releases every month, so I don’t need/cannot do Agile”
  • There is more than just Sprints to Agile. What is really needed to achieve to golden goals and other Agile misconceptions
  • Everything that impacts good Agile outcomes: Architecture, Team structure, Leadership, etc
  • Enterprise Agility and its complications
What is DevOps and its relation to Agile
  • DevOps as a methodology and culture, not just tools. Not only for Engineering and Operators …
  • DevOps is not just automation … and other misconceptions
  • Where DevOps integrates with Agile – same goal, both target time to market and small and rapid deliveries
  • The impact of all other practices into DevOps: Engineering Practices, Testing Practices, etc
Continuous Delivery
  • What is Continuous Delivery? The prodigal son to Mrs. Agile and Mr. DevOps
  • Continuous Delivery is not only for Unicorns
  • Improve flow, reduce waste
Metrics and Measurements
  • How to measure the pipeline – tools and techniques
  • Identifying the bottlenecks – Value Stream management
  • ROI – Bottlenecks solutions and decision making
  • Keep measuring all the way to your Continuous Improvement