FullStack Development with Angular & Nodejs – Workshop



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Daily seminar
Live Digital Sessions


Learn how to integrate Angular with Node.js RESTful services.  you’ll learn how Angular and Node.js can be used to build an awesome web application. You will also learn how to use OpenAPI / Swagger for faster development and versioning control.

First, you’ll start off by seeing how to get started creating the project structure so that you understand the different technologies and how they will interact with each other

Next, you’ll discover how to build a Node.js RESTful service with Express to expose GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE actions to clients. Finally, the RESTful service actions are consumed by an Angular application using a reusable service class, the built-in Http client, and RxJS functionality such as observables


  • JavaScript advanced – async programing, latest features
  • js basic knowledge
  • REST

Course Contents

  • Angular introduction
  • Concepts
  • CLI
  • Exploring the project structure
  • Creating our first Module
  • Routing module
  • Connecting the routing module to our application
  • Components and lifecycle
  • Angular Services
  • HTTP Client
  • Custom Service
  • Guard – Protect your Route
  • Observables
  • js Express
  • Async Code
  • Writing a simple REST API
  • Http Server
  • Express Middlewares
  • Next Error handler
  • Chaining data on the request
  • CORS, JOI, passport and more common packages
  • Using Swagger/OpenAPI to set up a communication contract and generate correspondent services.