Founded 123Completed at 2009 and is a leading enterprise software consultant and trainer since 1994. Providing top notch consultancy and training to more than 100 organizations worldwide including, among others, American Airlines, VMware, QVC, Open Way, Redis Labs, CLSA, HP, CyberArk, GridGain, UBS, CA, 888 and many more. Co-founded Transparency software (Raised $6M), Co-founded and self-financed 2Train4 (acquired by eWave) a leading consulting company. Held CEO, Executive VP of R&D, CTO and VP Professional Services positions. Expert in leading technically complex projects, complex enterprise system architectures and enterprise monitoring systems for performance, security and integrity. Specializes in complex near real time Data processing projects using In Memory Data Grids such as GridGain apache Iginite, GigaSpaces XAP, Redis, and NOSQL DBs such as Cassandra, Mongo DB, Hadoop Ecosystem and similar. Established powerful partnerships and provided services and strategic technology consultancy to data solution vendors and developed training sets for Mongo DB, Cassandra, Hadoop and more, as well as the official courseware of GridGain, GigaSpaces, Redis Labs, CA and more. As part of Eyal partner list you will find: Oracle, HP, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, GridGain, Redis Labs, VMware, GigaSpaces and more.