It all started when I was sent by my parents to a remote summer school at Yeruham (tiny village, south of Israel)… It was back at 1984 (I was 12 years old…) – with not much to learn – we learned algorithms and covered C programming language. Then I used to train my school class fellows in Basic and Logo Languages – just before throwing it all away saying – it will never catch……what a wrong thing to say…. Me and programming met again after more than 15 years – when startups appeared like mushrooms after the rain…. than I knew i was wrong all along… 🙂 Over 18 years experience in Java, JEE, Spring ,Java Server-side, internet web technologies, integration technologies & SUN \ Oracle Certified Fullstack Java Developer. At John-Bryce College: – Educational activity – training Java, JEE and Internet technologies in startups, SMBs and Enterprise/IT companies in Israel and abroad. Including long-term education plans for new and present employees in Financial institutions and telecom companies. – Business development in Israel, Europe and China for extending co-operation regarding educational activities and technology conferences. – last years, as CTO, responsible for keeping our college up-to-date with the most new technologies and trends. Provide attractive educational value to the existing and new Hi-tech employees with conferences and professional training. During last year – co-founder in iSure – new startup focuses on eliminating the need in Insurance agencies and agents by providing an end-to-end agent bot that simplifies the process of maintaining your savings and lowering management costs Recent years – Algo-trading in Forex and risk management robots for stocks and options market Full Stack Java & JavaScript Development