This year, seminars are divided to these 3 main sub-tracks:
Software Development
This section focused on leading languages like Java, .NET development, Scala, R and Python. Find seminars on Spring 5, Extreme Java, Java 9 along with Win 10 for developers, advanced C#. Get to know python for DevOps or Scala for Bigdata. Learn how to implement secured programming and more.
Web Development
This section is all about SPA (Single Page Application) technologies and JavaScript server-side solutions. Get to know Angular.JS, React.JS and more, deep dive in advanced JavaScript programming, learn Node.js and most popular server-side solutions. Become a JavaScript full stack developer with Oracle ADF.
Web integration is mostly all about HTTP based integration via REST APIs and RESTful methodology. These seminars will teach you how to use your language libraries in order to come up with web integration tier to your backend business logic by implementing web-services and micro-services.