DevOps is an essential business-driven delivery approach that involves business managers as well as development, operations and QA departments to collaborate continuously to deliver the product or service  as reliable and as fast as possible.

The heart of DevOps is automating the process between development to operation and by that to provide highly agile projects. In the last couple of years, the usage of DevOps automation culture for testing, versioning, deploying, integrating and all other Dev-to-Op phases became extremely popular and a must have culture in every company that wishes to shorten their time to market (TTM). This is happning due to the nature of IT and Web applications which forces intense and fast updates.

So if you are an IT expert, a developer or a QA engineer that needs to practice continuous delivery or you need to build up your automation skills or take your K8S knowledge to the next phase – there are many paths to the profession of DevOps engineer. Join this track and get the skills and mindset needed to adopt DevOps in your organization, and get up to speed with tools and processes like continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and containerization, as well as lean and agile approaches.

***All of the seminars are daily session 09:00-16:30